Emergency Communications

During natural disasters, specifically hurricanes, HTVFR replaces this website with our Emergency Management and Information Site. This site is activated once the Northern Bahamas (Abaco) has been placed under a Hurricane Watch.

The site has been activated three times, first for Hurricane Michelle, and most recently for Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne. Information is passed via sat phone or satellite linked internet to personnel off island who then post updates as they are received. The Emergency Management and Information Site was introduced initially to address a need for accurate reporting of the "current situation on Elbow Cay", it further developed into a means by which homeowners not on Elbow Cay could obtain information regarding damages to properties.

The information posted on the site is reported or verified by HTVFR personnel. The local caretakers are contacted for individual reports on properties under their care and this information is then verified and compiled into one report which is then forwarded to the poster. Additional information regarding the status of the Marsh Harbour Airport, telephone and electric services and status of boats in the harbour and marinas on Elbow Cay is also posted as available.

The site remains active until such time as reliable off island communication is established.

During Hurricane Frances, reports were given via sat phone from members on the island to persons in the United States and then posted to the site. Due to the format in which it was received, the Damage Assessment was only available via email requests from homeowners. Over 140 individual requests for information were received and addressed.

Site Statistics for Hurricane Frances

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Date Number of Hits Logged

September 3, 2004 (Eye passes over Abaco)


September 4, 2004


September 5. 2004 (Damage report becomes available)


September 7, 2004


September 8, 1179


During Hurricane Jeanne, reports were given via sat phone during the storm and satellite linked email just after the storm to a member in Canada and then posted to the site. Because the Damage Assessment was received in email format, the entire assessment was posted to the site.

Site Statistics for Hurricane Jeanne


Number of Hits Logged

September 25, 2004 (Eye passes over Abaco)


September 26, 2004


September 27, 2004 (Damage report becomes available)


September 28, 2004


September 29, 2004


September 30, 2004


October 1, 2004


October 2, 2004


October 3, 2004


October 4, 2004


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The Future

Hope Town Volunteer Fire and Rescue has updated our communications system to include a satellite telephone system with portable antenna and email link capabilities. We can now update posting to the Emergency Website from Elbow Cay.

Total number of hits to the E.M.I.W. for September/October 2004: 148,638.

On October 24th, when Hurricane Wilma brushed Abaco, the E.M.I.W. logged 9,818 hits.

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