Group Shots



Drill at Chez Thomas

A drill to break in some new comers and brush up on rescue skills. (The victim is expected to make a full recovery)



Floyd Fire-In the days following devastating Hurricane Floyd, a fire broke out in the centre of town. A total of three homes were lost in the blaze, two of which were occupied at the time. Although these structures were lost, the town was saved.

Kemp Family Home

Early on a Sunday morning the family home of Sherman and Wilma Kemp caught fire due to an apparent electrical problem. The fire was contained to the rear and upper story of the building. The Kemp's son was home at the time and promptly alerted his neighbors who then alerted the fire department. Without his quick thinking the entire neighborhood could have been lost.


Mutual Aid

The Mud

The Haitian Settlement of The Mud located in Marsh Harbour, has long been a serious concern for the Fire Departments due to the unsafe conditions and close proximity of the buildings. This fire was started when an oil lamp was overturned in one home and quickly spread to several of the surrounding structures. HTVFR responded to provide support with portable pumps, hose and personnel. Since this disaster which claimed over 10 homes, the Marsh Harbour Fire Department has conducted training sessions with residents of both the Mud and its neighboring settlement of the Pigeon Peas. Recently another fire broke out in the Mud, however, due to the training provided it was contained by residents of the Mud to one room of one building.


Golden Harvest-On Father's Day 2001, the largest grocery store on Abaco caught fire due to an electrical problem. HTVFR responded along with Departments from the surrounding Cays to assist Marsh Harbour Fire Department. Although the Golden Harvest building was a total loss, the Standard Hardware building (a mere 12ft away) escaped with no damage.